5/15/11 FAILING CHURCHES ((•))

This week one story stood out above others. A mainstream popular American church has shocked members and nonmembers alike, with a controversial and a change of policy on two separate issues. The Presbyterian Church has decided to allowed the ordination of openly gay ministers. They also removed celibacy requirements for single ministers.

What the Presbyterian Church agreed on this week is a serious threat to our nation. They have joined the Episcopal Church in allowing the ordination of homosexual ministers. How is this in anyway justified by scripture? They and others are departing from a moral tradition older than any nation. Even if you somehow think homosexuality is not a sin, how do you justify unchaste single ministers? Their actions say we are nothing but animals and expecting people to control their urges is a bit much to ask.

Like many people who heard this story, my immediate thoughts were gratitude it was not my church. However, regardless of whether it is your church or not it influences the lives of everyone in our nation. America did not become a great nation because of defense spending, or abundant natural resources. Our greatness lies in the blessings of God. God has not blessed us because he likes our flag or our food. Our nation has been blessed, because from the beginning the majority of the people have sought to do unto others and put God first in their lives. Much of this devotion comes from a strong religious tradition. The Presbyterian Church is one of our oldest and strongest religious institutions. To see them fail in this way is a much bigger story than Osama’s death.

I’m always writing about things like our debt, and inflation. I talk of a loss of freedom, and our many social ills. These are symptoms of a much greater problem… We as a nation, have turned our back on God. Do we think we are so wise and powerful that we no longer need his help? As I see people around the world dying from starvation and war, I fear these things will visit us in our nation. If we do not turn to the true source of our strength, we will suffer the fate of others who did likewise.


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