5/16/11 OUR MISSION ((•))

"DON'T TREAD ON US" is a conservative website with a collection of authors from various walks of life. Here you will find diverse perspectives and critical analysis on a variety of subjects. From issues of universal morality to basic economics; we deal with a wide range of subjects on a local, national, and global level. We seek too:

  • Promote limited government and individual accountability
  • Counter commonly-held misconceptions, by presenting a correct understanding of history
  • Clarify the principles of constitutional government
  • Thoughtful opposition to the freedom destroying evils of socialism and globalization
  • Expounding on long term trends and the news of the day
  • Present actual solutions to the local, national, and global problems

Our desire, is to inform and enlighten the reader to the best of our ability. Each author, does so out of a sincere to desire to improve the human condition. The views expressed in the articles and comments, are those of the authors and commenters.


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