6/1/11 WHY SOCIALISM FAILS 4 ((•))

Of all the ways the socioeconomic system of socialism fails, none is greater than it's failure to respect our God given moral agency. Anyone who knows anything about the past 100 years Tadalia of human history knows that the socialist governments controlled by various communist parties severely restricted the rights of the people.

5/31/11 WHAT AM I? ((•))

No, I did not discover I have some kind of physical trait which is outside of the classification of human. Although, that would explain a lot... I've been thinking on and off all day about where I fit in the political spectrum. A lot of people define themselves as being libertarian or conservative. Some define themselves by a party. Where do I fit? What am I?

5/30/11 THEY ARE ALL GONE ((•))

I did an earlier post on how WWI destroyed the old world and gave birth to the modern era. Now, all the brave men who fought in that terrible war have passed away. They have become voices from the past and many are forgetting what they endured. It was more than a bunch of random dates and statistics it was one of mankind's darkest hours.

5/29/11 BENSON VS. SHARPTON ((•))

I think most of my readers have some understanding of who Ezra Taft Benson was. Religiously, he was an Apostle and became President of the LDS Church. Politically, he was Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower, and, an outspoken conservative. He raised the alarm over the socialist revolution he could see happening in America. I thought it would be interesting to compare some of his teachings with a famous political and religious leader of our time and see how they match up.

5/28/11 INTERVIEW: BEN & PAUL ((•))

We have recently had a few new contributors join the site. I thought it would be a good idea to have an interview with a couple of them, allowing the readers to get a feel for them. I give you an interview with Ben Gridley and Paul Olsen.


Over the past few months I've been witnessing some sad headlines. Across the country there have been numerous instances of groups of young people working together to rob stores and attack people. I think this is a combination of the depression's economic impact, and long term cultural Marxist impact.


There I was, Tuesday night, sitting in a metal box, in the middle of an African desert, watching a 1983 interview of George Seldes. Who hasn't done that? He was talking about his experiences reporting WWI, and the time he interviewed Lenin. Lenin, was surprised that Americans were so opposed to Bolshevism. He explained to Seldes that Bolshevism was based largely upon the writings of an American socialist.


November 2012 is drawing ever closer and we are seeing the emergence of Presidential candidates Unfortunately we cannot afford to handle this next election as we have in the past. We need to make some real meaningful changes. With this in mind, I give you my voting guide